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    Sunrise Ridge – It’s LIVE and ready for you to stay there!

    Remember my FIRST EVER Vacation Rental – Villa Bella Mermaid? By keeping a close eye on the Real Estate Market, utilizing Creative Financing, and having faith that things happen for a reason, we are still reaping the benefits of that investment! Like I mentioned in a previous blog post (Just In the Nick of Time) […]


    Just In the Nick of Time

    As much as we would like to force things sometimes, the universe has other plans!


    Going away guilt and anxiety for entrepreneurs and most everyone else…

    “You have to make it happen. No one’s going to do it for you. No one is going to show up to work one day and say, ‘Hey, I got you. I got you covered. You don’t have to work. You go away and you enjoy yourself. It just doesn’t happen.”

    This takes a ton of courage to do and try, but you are worth it. So many studies show that those who take time to recharge are more creative, more motivated and do better quality work!


    Things Rarely Feel How You Expect Them To…

    Things rarely feel how you expect them to. Sometimes better, sometimes worse and sometimes you feel nothing, and that’s ok. I think we as people have a natural tendency to put so much anticipation and anxiety into what things should feel like and when it does not happen, we feel that something is wrong with us. We need to remember to just be present and observe what is actually happening in the moment without forcing it because that also sets us up for failure and disappointment. And above all do not self-judge. Forgive yourself if you do and then check back into the present again and just be.


    Preparing For The Best (And Worst)

    No challenge is unbeatable – you just need a fortified plan to get you through! 


    Sky High Inspirations

    Vacation Rentals have been a passion project of mine for a long time – so much so that I not only own and operate multiple, I even created my very own Vacation Rental Management Company as I began to see a need for it in my community. Our first Vacation Rental, Villa Bella Mermaid, served […]