Living below your potential is not an option.

I am on a mission to inspire and excite you to live an abundant and free life, packed with passion and purpose. Join me on this amazing journey!










Coaching is an influence process that leads to discovery, decision making, performance improvement, and better living so we can live a Limitless life.

My style of coaching, called high-performance coaching, is about how you can reach long-term success while maintaining your wellbeing and relationships along the way. My goal is to help you feel fully engaged, joyous, and confident in all areas of your life so you can enjoy the journey too. We'll dive deep to take your personal and professional life to the next level.

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TESTIMONIALS What others are saying...

I received this as a gift from a dear friend. I didn’t even realize I needed this until we started our first session, and I knew instantly that Chris and her coaching had come to me at the perfect time. I was starting a new chapter in life and the process of Chris’s coaching technique guided me through it. Each week the coaching sessions flowed into each other and seemed like they were meant specifically for my situation. I can’t say enough about Chris’s coaching and how this experience has helped me in so many ways and has given me many tools to reference on a daily basis.

Brad Goodwin

“Chris was the first one I wanted to tell about finally making a big, hard life change - quitting my job and jumping into a whole new career. I feel like sitting in the Group Coaching Sessions and listening to everybody talk about their experiences, along with Chris saying "take the risk, figure out your why”, helped me take charge of my mental health to even make the change. I am so happy that I did!”

- Dusty Z.

I love to learn, grow and get better at fulfilling my calling and reaching my potential. But I was hesitant at first about this coaching opportunity. Hesitant because growth takes time, hard work and getting out of my comfort zone. And I’m already pretty maxed out with my time, I already work hard and being uncomfortable isn’t fun. But I know that comfort is the enemy of growth. So I committed to 12 sessions of coaching. Christina has given me new tools & has helped me sharpen some I’ve already had. Since our 12 sessions, I am more focused, more productive, more efficient and more at peace as I go through each day. I also have a greater confidence in who I am and courage to conquer whatever it is I am facing. Let Christina stir up those dreams, goals and skills inside of you. If you do……get ready to grow and go to new levels.

- Lon Williams

My Coaching Programs

Choose the format that's best for you

1:1 Coaching

This intimate process leads to discovery, decision making, performance improvement and better living, so you can live a charged life. This is ideal for those seeking more balance, confidence, influence, and those wanting to thrive both personally and professionally!

Group Coaching

Take your life or business to a whole new level in a group setting. We meet monthly via zoom and have that extra accountability that we all need. This is ideal for those wanting a more social setting, who seek to improve all areas of life at a more relaxed pace.

I think the feeling of fear is sometimes greater than the fear itself… What's actually the worst that can happen? And how might my life be different if I don't take this risk?

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I started where you did. And I chose to live a limitless life.

So whether that's in your business, your family finances, your personal goals, or even your relationships — I want to help you live life Limitless!

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