Carpe Diem!

It is easy on your journey to Live Limitless to overbook yourself. Even after you have sat down to prioritize your daily tasks and delegate what you can, you may still have a pretty full plate for the day – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to manage it and still find joy in the process.

I have found that if I don’t create margins in my day to reset and refocus, the day will run me. I end up feeling behind, out of control, and frazzled – which only leads to anxiety and stress as a result of feeling like I’m not in control of my own life. If I let myself get to this point where I’m burning candles at all ends, not only does the quality of my work decrease but I also end up not being pleasant to be around and it will bleed into the next day when I’m dragging because the stress from the day before is still with me.

My morning margins and afternoon margins are two completely different things. In the morning, I am finding the books, podcasts, or music that will pump me up and motivate me to tackle my day. But by the time I’m switching gears into home life my focus needs to be a little different. While I still need to create the energy I need to be present for my family, it is a much different energy than I need to get through the work day.

This time is typically filled with a quick meditation where I can truly shut my brain off for a bit to get a restorative moment without going into sleep mode and losing all of my motivation. I get to mentally unwind and have a clear mindset so that whatever happened during my workday does not affect my evening with my family.

If you need help identifying where you can find the margins in your day to keep you working at your full potential, check out my one-on-one coaching options where we have the privacy to dive deep into the things that are keeping you from the Limitless Life you deserve and help you break through!

Author: Christina VanDergrift

CHPC | Author | RE Broker | Serial Entrepreneur

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